Forensics4Real - Forensics expert John Paolucci; as seen on The ID Channel, A&E Network, N.Y. Times,
N.Y. Daily News, Crime Magazine, NBC News Radio, and Law Enforcement Today Magazine.




Training and Lectures   Investigations   Expert Witness
Classroom and field training in processing and analyzing crime scenes. Lectures on relevant topics for professional organizations and crime scene enthusiasts.
Private investigations that involve forensic analyses and interpretations as well as collection, documentation and laboratory analysis or forensic evidence.
Crime scene analysis and reconstruction for expert testimony. Forensics expert specializing in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and shooting scene reconstruction.

Investigations: (Forensic investigative services are $225.00/hr. plus expenses and laboratory fees)

  • Licensed and Bonded Private Investigator.
    • International and domestic investigations.

      • Biometric evidence collection for identification of suspects.
      • Exemplar collection for comparisons (Examiner fees are separate)
      • Reconstruction of shooting and bloodletting events.
      • Scene investigation and documentation.




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