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Training and Lectures   Investigations   Expert Witness
Classroom and field training in processing and analyzing crime scenes. Lectures on relevant topics for professional organizations and crime scene enthusiasts.
Private investigations that involve forensic analyses and interpretations as well as collection, documentation and laboratory analysis or forensic evidence.
Crime scene analysis and reconstruction for expert testimony. Forensics expert specializing in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and shooting scene reconstruction.

Training and Lectures (Please call or email for price quote)

Current training venues:

  • P.O.S.T. accredited homicide investigators course in the state of Connecticut.
    • Presenting all topics related to crime scene investigations, first responders and bloodstain pattern analysis. (www.homicide – in production)
  • Henry Lee Academy
    • Introduced by Dr. Lee and opened homicide investigators course at the Henry Lee Academy.
  • Putnam County SPCA Police
    • Training Putnam County SPCA Police Dept. in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, latent print development and shooting scene reconstruction.

Lecture Topics:

  • The CSI Effect – How does America’s enthusiasm for crime dramas effect real life criminal investigations and the prosecution of offenders?  How true to life are the techniques and results that we see crime scene investigators use on television?
    • Presented at Larchmont Library

  • Complacency and the Value of a Thorough InvestigationExamples of high profile cases and how complacency and lack of communication impaired the investigations progress.
    • Presented to Westchester County Detective’s Association
  • O.J. Today – How could today’s technology and evidence management protocols influence a jury’s decision if presented with the same evidence?  How would the CSI Effect make a difference in the verdict?
    • Presented at Larchmont Library
  • Identifying Human Remains – Explore the many ways that unidentified human remains are investigated forensically and through good old fashioned police work.  John includes an analysis of a case he took on where he had to exhume a body in Paraguay and overcome obstacles when the local government intervened and he was almost arrested.
    • Presented at the Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Custom presentations can be created upon request.


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